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The Geelong Concert Band is a community music organisation comprising over 150 members across three bands. Performing a variety of musical styles and catering to the full gamut of technical abilities, the Geelong Concert Band provides opportunities for musicians of all ages to participate in fine music making under expert leadership.

Senior Band

  • Conducted by Shannon Ebling

Senior Band is the Geelong Concert Band’s premier ensemble. Senior Band performs challenging repertoire from classical transcriptions to original concert band works. Members of the band strive to create fine music in a challenging and rewarding program of concerts each year.

Community Band

  • Conducted by Jen Clutterbuck

Community Band is made up of students and adults from Geelong and the surrounding region. The band acts as an excellent training ground that works in harmony with a student’s studies in music at school or as a recreational hobby. Community Band prepares musicians for membership of Senior Band.

Workshop Band

  • Conducted by Grace Wiedemann

Musicians in Workshop Band are just beginning development on their chosen instrument. Full band rehearsals are accompanied by group tuition sessions led by experienced members of Senior Band. Workshop Band is a great complement to school/private music lessons.