Code of Conduct

The Geelong Concert Band - Code of Conduct

Version - Draft 1


The purpose of this policy is to establish the clear standard of behaviour which is expected of The Geelong Concert Band (GCB), employees and members. The clarification of these expectations reinforces our commitment to respect, fairness, and high social and ethical standards within our operations. It is also designed to assist employees and members of the band in understanding what the acceptable and unacceptable behaviours are within the context of our operations.

Code of Conduct Policy

This policy applies to all members, employees, and volunteers of the GCB. People beyond this designation such as guest artists, accompanists, contractors and suppliers will be expected to abide by this policy for the duration of their presence.

Vital for successful business practice is mutual trust, respect and integrity that we show our members, volunteers, officials, suppliers, associates and employees. The GCB has a clear expectation of appropriate work standards that ensure we can foster a positive work environment where everyone’s rights are maintained, and we all act lawfully and with integrity with all dealings within the association. Included in this policy is the GCB Child Protection Policy, as the GCB commitment to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children. The GCB has a zero tolerance for child abuse, and everyone (members) working or volunteering is responsible for the care and protection of children as well as reporting information about child abuse. This will assist in fostering a collaborative and safe workplace for all stakeholders.

Leadership team, members and employees of the GCB will:

  • Act in accordance to legislation and policies that are applicable within the GCB.
  • Follow lawful and reasonable directive from management.
  • Promote the interest of the GCB.
  • Be aware of and align with the GCB mission and values.
  • Treat each other, members, suppliers and contractors with respect, fairness and consideration.
  • Not tolerate misconduct or inappropriate behaviour and will inform a higher authority within the GCB if they do not witness it.
  • Maintain confidentiality, not disclosing or misusing GCB information.
  • Declare any affiliation or involvement that may cause conflict of interest.
  • Be accountable for your own actions and decisions.
  • Be ever mindful of the health and safety of yourself and others in the workplace
  • Uphold the principle of equal opportunity, not partake in victimisation, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination or any other antisocial behaviours.
  • Perform your role with professionalism, care and responsibility

Any issues relating to, or alleged breaches of, this Code of Conduct by Leadership team, member, employees, or volunteers related to their direct invovlement or interactions around their work or roles with the GCB will be referred to the GCB Committee for determination under the GCB Constitution, Rules and By-Laws.


Christian Biscombe
GCB President